Today is the first day of my official retirement. Oh yeah? Well... sort of. On Friday I worked my last day as a full time employee. I'll still put in a few more daze to help them (the old employer and our community) as a per diem worker before I move to join my wife, Susan, who's already started her new job in the foothills of the Sierras. It's not a done deal yet – but I'll probably be working a little per diem down there too. Two to four days a month and helping them with vacation coverage would be perfect for me.

It should provide a good balance of keeping me active and social while still producing some income. This life of an author is going to see a lot of money going out before any starts coming back in. Writing is a solitary endeavor with lots of hours in a seat in front of a computer. 

I'll also be pursuing my other alt career as an audio engineer – once again lots of time sitting in front of a computer or a microphone for voice over and narration. In addition to narrating my own series of books and short stories, I'll put my voice up for hire. I'll stick to book narration and documentaries (I'm sure Mike Rowe is shaking in his boots when hearing this). I'm really not interested in doing commercials - unless it's for causes I truly endorse.

The other leg of audio engineering encompasses everything from mixing live sound for bands, recording (anything from single singer/songwriters to bands, full on choruses or orchestras and sound effects - foley), then mixing the tracks to a final version for mastering. I've already been volunteered, by my wife, to help the local concert association with their shows. Right now I don't know if that means ushering or stage monkey (set-up/tear down) or helping run the sound board.

Yeah, I'll be busy. At least I won't have to worry about mowing the lawn or yard work at our new house. It sits in the trees with natural understory flora. 

Meanwhile back here at the ranch... I'm still packing up the house and keeping it clean for showings until we get it sold. I'll make a few trips with a trailer and rent a moving van to get all our stuff to the new place. Then I get to set up my studio for writing and audio work. 

It will take a few months at least for the dust to settle and I get into my new rhythm. I'll keep you posted and I'll put up a page of the resources I've been using to get educated in these fields.