Up and running

The Blog – My ramblings about the life of an author. I've finished (mostly) my 3 book series Dream Messiah. I made it to the point where I wrote 'the End' a while ago. It has gone to the first stage of Developmental Editing. When I have that cleaned up and polished it will go for Line Editing where the spelling, grammar and style gets honed. Then back once more for a proof-read. Boom, then it's done – kinda. There's still a mountain of tasks before me. Building this website for instance. I still need to get book covers, gather a mailing list and start marketing, get my business license and an accountant, get some of my older short stories cleaned up and formatted to give away, then I will post to Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and more – unless I decide to go with Amazon exclusive. Don't forget about the audio versions! On and on it goes. At the same time, I need to be cranking on the next book already. Writing is not just writing anymore. I've got to learn to manage this as a business.

Fortunately I've met with a good crowd, my new tribe, who've tread the path before me. I've been studying, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube about this process for a couple years now. One thing is for certain; it keeps changing. I'll pass on my favorite sources of information, my likes and dislikes of the teachers and courses. 

Some of you may be wanting to publish your own stories and books. Many of you have family members and friends who want to publish. Follow my journey and learn from my successes and mistakes. Yes, there are always mistakes. Money will be spent with no quick return on investment. In the end, the gains will out weigh the losses. I'll be earning some income doing something I love, and you, my readers will be entertained for a while. Hopefully some of you will be inspired.

So grab a cup of coffee, a glass of ice tea, juice or wine, a beer or a scotch and come on along for the ride. Don't worry, you can drink and drive on this road trip. If you've already been down this path - for god's sake let me know how it was for you. What did you learn? Feedback is always welcome.