Writing a Review

I tell you, my friends; “The time has come to spread the word.”

“But it’s hard,” you say. “I don’t know where to start.”

Okay then, let me help. I can’t write it for you, but I can prod you with some ideas and I ask that you be honest.


I’m investing in advertising so I can reach a larger audience with my books. It’s the only way to increase exposure and get the Amazon algorithms to kick in and let potential readers know about my work. Amazon still rules the publishing world, so that’s best place to leave one – even if you didn’t buy it there. 

 ‘Goodreads’ is the next best place. You can search for me, Randy L Scott, or the series title: Dream Messiah. (There’s another book titled The Dream Messiah by different author). Post on Apple Books, Nook, Kobo too!

 Here’s My Suggestions


-Use the title of the book or series! It helps the search engines every time it gets mentioned.

 -What stands out to you in this novel? 

    -Characters, imagery, story line? 

 -What did you like or dislike about the characters?

           - ‘This person was thoughtful and wise. That one was an ass.’ 

 -Did it paint a good picture for you? 

            -Could you see the scenes, did you feel like you were there?

           - Did you feel the emotions? Did you get scared, angry or laugh?

 -Do you want more of the story? 

            -Should have ended sooner or did you want it to keep going? Did it have a satisfying ending?

 -Would it make a great movie, or would you like to listen to it as an audiobook?

          - Who can you see in the staring roles? Whose voice do you hear narrating?

 -Do you agree that this is an Action or Adventure novel?

 -Is this a fast, easy read or is it more of a leisure read?

 -What age group is this suitable for?

       -  Adults only? Teens? Are the language and scenes too strong for pre-teens?

 -What is your biggest pleasure or disappointment?

        -Try not to use spoilers!

That should give you a good start. Thank you to each and every one of you who takes the time to review books.

–Randy S L