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From Alaska to Borneo, from fatherhood to a fifteen year prison sentence, find out what makes Jake Barnes tick and his transformation on an involuntary journey to find the truth of the Dream Messiah.

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Your information is safe. I neither sell it, share it, or give it away

Your information is safe. I neither sell it, share it, or give it away

Dream Messiah; A character-based adventure-drama What's it about?

The Dream Messiah, a three novel series, is the story of Jake Barnes and his transformation. Jake was living his dream, building a cabin in Alaska when his life started to go wrong. He’s afraid that the stress of unplanned parenthood is bringing out the psychotic tendencies that run in his family. He learns of a tribe in remote Borneo who have a legend of a Dream Messiah coming to save them when life on the planet is coming to a close.

One of Jake’s early mentors tries to teach the wisdom of ruthlessness and elimination of self-pity. Jake proves to be a hard student; the consequences of his decisions brings his life crashing to the bottom.

Jake's trials and tribulations twist and turn until he agrees to another benefactor's request for collusion in a heinous act. He finds his power and becomes free to go anywhere but home again. When there is nothing else, he searches for the truth of the Dream Messiah and finds more than he’s bargained for.

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