Freedom – Just Another Word


Was it too good to be true?

In wilds of Alaska, the land of misfits, would you believe the crazy stories of a pot-stirring survivalist? What if those stories led you into another world, doubting your own mental stability? Freedom – Just Another Word… Is the first novel in this character-driven, adventure series.
Jake is living his dream, building a cabin in remote Alaska when he becomes an unintended father with his fiancé, Kat. Jake's interest in lucid dreaming sends him into a world he is unprepared for and fearing the mental afflictions that plague his family. Kat has her own demands and agenda once their child is born. Advice from friends and homesteading neighbors isn’t helping.

Jake doesn’t know who or what to fear most; fiancé Kat, his neighbor Dave Reagan, the resident grizzly bear, or the Alaska State Troopers. As the line between dreams and reality blur, Jake’s decisions may cost him everything he cares about, including his infant son, Luke.

As the world spins towards self-destruction, half way around the globe, the Punan Dyaks, a nomadic tribe deep in the mountains of Borneo, are manifesting their Dream Messiah.
While more than one person wants Jake Barnes to burn in hell, another hand is guiding him to a baptism by fire.If he crosses that line, there’s no turning back.

How will you judge Jake Barnes? In this first segment of the Dream Messiah series, no one seems to win. Except.....

Into the Fire – Where it gets real…


Jake Barnes made more than a few mistakes with while trying to raise his infant son, Luke. The last incident earned him a seat in the back of a state trooper police car. Can it get any worse? In this second novel of the Dream Messiah series, Jake exchanges one form of solitary confinement for another. It doesn’t last long.

He found out just how wrong he was as he continued to spiral around the drain. Jake Barnes's prayers for a normal life are crushed as his incarceration turns from bad to worse. His escape from the frying pan lands him smack in the fire that's burning the world in his dreams. His nemesis is never far behind as the crazy seeds Jake fears he carries in his genes sprout thick as mushrooms on a cow pie. A wake of deaths follows him like a cyclone of dark clouds.

A crime boss's story of torture and disfigurement cements Jake's path of survival by the rules of ruthlessness. What does it mean to be the hammer of God? Mr. Stevenson wants Jake to become the embodiment of Ramiel, as his own personal thunder of God to exact revenge on an old foe. The woman Jake falls for may be his undoing and threaten more innocent lives.

 At the crossroads, Jake must decide if he can commit an act utterly heinous and abhorrent–if it will buy his freedom, or is freedom is just another word–for nothing left…

Awakening – Will the Circle be…


Were the spoils worth the cost of the hunt? Is there a lessor of two evils?

Honor among thieves has gotten Jake a ticket out of the fire - and into the ashes of his smoldering morals. His freedom was paid for with an act of reprehensible revenge as his benefactor’s Hammer of God.

Now he's completed his bargain and taken on a new identity as Gabe G. He's learned the hard lessons and the rewards of acting ruthless. Now he needs to maintain his vigilance to avoid recognition and capture–or a cap to the head. He has to be the hammer–not the nail if he's to survive. 

A close call sends him packing to Indonesia where his character and abilities are tested again. Still not sure if he's psychotic or being guided by higher forces, Gabe escapes to Bali for a meet-up with a character from his past. Together they trek the uncharted territory of Borneo in search of the Punan Dyaks and his role in their legend of the Dream Messiah. But the world of civilization won't leave him alone. Drawn into a rebellion against a corrupt government and corporate greed, Jake is about to taste his own bitter medicine. His life as a fugitive is about to come to a very unpleasant end. 

In the final act, Jake comes to understand his dreams, who's been pulling the strings, and why. During a bittersweet reunion he discovers his true place in the shadow-play of life and the meaning of the Punan prophecies.  The curtain is drawn aside. At last the truth of the Dream Messiah is revealed. Who is the pawn and who will be the savior? How many more will die in this quest? Will the circle be…