Freedom – Just Another Word


Jake Barnes is living his dream building a cabin in remote Alaska. Was it too good to be true?

Jake's interest in lucid dreaming sends him into a world he is unprepared for and fearing the mental afflictions that plague his family. His fiancé, Kat has her own demands and agenda. As the line between dreams and reality blur, Jake’s decisions may cost him everything he cares about, including is infant son, Luke. 

Half way around the globe, the Punan Dyaks, a tribe deep in the mountains of Borneo are manifesting their Dream Messiah after a plane crash in the jungle is taken for the omen which portends the end of the world.

While more than one person wants Jake Barnes to burn in hell, another hand is guiding him to a baptism by fire as these two worlds converge.

In this first segment of the Dream Messiah series, no one seems to win. Except.....

Into the Fire – Where it gets real…


Can it get any worse? Jake Barnes thought it was as bad as it could get when he felt his life crumbling down around him.

He found out just how wrong he was as he continued to spiral around the drain. In this second novel of the Dream Messiah series, Jake exchanges one form of solitary confinement for another. It doesn’t last long.

What does it mean to be the hammer of God? After proving his muster, he’s offered a deal by a man who could be the devil – or an angel looking for retribution. There is already a long trail of bodies in the wake of Jake’s exploits. Has he learned the hard lessons of ruthlessness? Has the family curse come home to roost?

 A woman he falls for may be his undoing. Their encounter certainly threatens more lives. Jake must decide if his freedom is worth his soul, or is freedom just another word…?   

Awakening – Will the Circle be…


Were the spoils worth the cost of the hunt? Is there a lessor of two evils?

Honor among thieves has gotten Jake a ticket out of the fire - and into the ashes of his smoldering morals. His freedom is paid for with an act of reprehensible revenge as his benefactor’s Hammer of God.

Jake Barnes is born again as he sets out to leave civilization behind on his quest to find the Punan Dyaks of Borneo. He must continue to be alert and ruthlessness if he is to survive. Humanity is grinding itself to extinction and Jake needs to find out if the prophecies are true – but the world of civilization won't leave him alone. Drawn into a rebellion against a corrupt government and corporate greed, Jake is about to taste his own bitter medicine. His life as a fugitive and shaman's apprentice is about to come to a very unpleasant end. 

In the final act, Jake comes to understand his dreams, who's been pulling the strings, and why. During a bittersweet reunion he discovers his true place in the shadow-play of life and the meaning of the Punan prophecies.  The curtain is drawn aside. At last the truth of the Dream Messiah is revealed. Who is the pawn and who will be the savior?