Making big life changes is pretty scary. You know what's even scarier? Regret! 

- Zig Zigler

First things First:

The stories are mine. They are inspired by my own experiences and warped imagination. I will do my best to give credit where credit is due when inspired by others. Sometimes it's impossible to track down where I get some of this stuff from. Some credit may be wildly inaccurate. Sorry about that. I may quote memes that are ubiquitous and not be able to find the source – or not an accurate one anyway.

Some of the credit for Dream Messiah comes from Lawrence and Lorne Blair who wrote and filmed their great adventure "The Ring of Fire," about their travel through Indonesia in the 1970's. I highly recommend both the book and the DVD series to anyone interested in foreign travel, cultures and Indonesia. 

Writers, Storytellers, Musicians – we're all the same in a sense. We learn and then borrow (or steal) from those who've gone before us. Ask your favorite guitarist. They learned some licks by so and so, changed it just a little and turned it into the riffs and hits you think are their own original genius. Happens all the time. It's okay as long as it's not complete plagiarism.

Nonetheless, if you read something you know are someone else's words here, let me know and I'll give the proper credit. Thanks for joining me here. I hope you enjoy and are entertained!

I've been a life-long traveler. I started hitchhiking at age 14 and made it as far as Saginaw, Michigan before the police picked me up for being on the highway. That was two years before Simon and Garfunkel had a hit with the song 'I've Come to Look for America,' and the line 'It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw...' I wish I could claim that I was the inspiration for that lyric, but Paul Simon hitchhiked there with Kathy Chitty (Kathy's Song) in 1966 - a few years before my effort. 

I headed for Alaska as soon as I graduated high school. I spent the better part of 18 years there sprinkled in with extended trips to other parts of our country and the world. What a long strange trip it's been, (ala Grateful Dead) – as I've continued to collect friends, stories and inspirations through the years, tears and many a mile. 

My writings have appeared in small town newspapers, college publications and club newsletters. Sometimes I look or read back, and shutter. They were not often edited by an educated hand. Nonetheless there are some pieces I review and think "damn, that was pretty good!" 

I spent a while as a Toastmaster across a few states. Even did a term as Vice-President of Education. Yep, they trusted me to teach and train others. Toastmasters not only taught me to be a more effective and entertaining speaker, it also taught me organization and leadership. It certainly paid off when I won the McCarthy, Alaska Liar's contestant with a $500 purse! That started me on the path of telling stories professionally. Okay, I wasn't making a living on stage, but I was getting paid for it!

I'll give you the history of writing my Dream Messiah series in another session. The most important wheel in the assembly of this publication has been my wife. She believes in me and has pushed, prodded and bribed me in just the right amounts to get this project out of my computer and into the world. I wrote 'the end' to Dream Messiah a few years before I met her. I had gone through and edited it three times by myself and then sent it out to a dozen friends to beta read. When those copies came back, I continued to go back through and continue editing, editing, editing. Over and over and over.

Finally she had enough. "Publish the damn thing already!" 

She had been holding open a door for me but I still wasn't confident enough to enter. "It's almost ready," I protested. "I just need a little more editing." I think her arms were getting tired holding that opportunity open for me but she is a tough one and a woman of strong will. With her other hand, she dealt a deadly blow as she raised the mirror and made me see the reflection of all the advice I'm so eager to give to others – yet I wasn't following myself. She wasn't saying it out loud, but I could read her thoughts loud and clear; "Put your money where your mouth is!"

My daytime career has been good. I've enjoyed the work I do and the people around me - for the most part. Ah, but the changing corporate business practices finally caught up. I'm not saying that all corporations are operating under the same principles and practices that make a person like me less than loyal or dedicated. After 18 years in my career, I can see the handwriting on the wall – and it is not warm and fuzzy in a welcoming way. My wife is right (once again); it's time for me to step out of that hard-hearted, maximum profit before all else, toxic atmosphere.  

And here we are. We're doing it. You and me. I'm putting together this website as part of my new career and book launch. If you've read this far, you must be some kind of interested. I thank you for that. I will do my best to not let you down. I strive to keep you interested, entertained and inspired. 

Last thoughts for now: I'm one of those guys that can jump in on an argument and quarrel for either side whether or not I believe in it. My writings will reflect a lot of that. What my characters say and do, are not reflection of my beliefs or morals, or lack there of. I don't expect to please everyone. Trying to do so is the shortest route to failure and mediocracy. I haven't used a single swear word or profanity in this bio – yet. Don't worry, there will be lots coming. I will do my best to use it for effect and realism and not just for shits and giggles. If you're a reader who is offended by such language, you might want to get the fuck out now! 

See? I just swore in print. No one got maimed or killed. I may have just lost a few followers or looky-loos. Good. We don't need those kind around anyhow – mucking up the party. For the rest of us; Let's have fun. Let's go places from my imagination. It can get pretty weird in there. My wife knows about those twisted thoughts and she still loves me. Can't be all that bad. They're just stories. First one's free... Some of you have probably already lived parts of these tales or been to the same places up inside your head. I'll see you there.

Stay tuned and sweet dreams....

– Randy L Scott


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My object in living is to unite my avocation with my vocation, as my two eyes make one in sight.
— Robert Frost, Two Tramps in Mud Time