Book Review for February '19

I reckon it’s time for me start reviewing books that I’ve enjoyed recently. I hope it inspires you to review books and authors too. Spread the word, my friends and stay literate!

Magnificant Vibration imgage.jpg

Magnificent Vibration by Rick Springfield

I received this novel as a gift from a friend who knows my taste in stories. I knew of Rick Springfield as both a musician and actor and am now pleasantly surprised to find him a great storyteller and author. 

Magnificent Vibration is a short, easy to read novel which asks (and answers) the questions: Why are we here? What is love? Does God send text messages to special people? 

His main character, Bobby Cotton tells us his story while jumping back and forth from childhood memories to the present action and consequences when he steals a book called Magnificent Vibration. Bobby recalls his experiences growing up with religion and discovering his sexuality–which brings us to the second main character; Bobby’s penis, Woody. This character has a mind of its own and more often than not, wants to take charge in this comedic story. 

In the present day, Bobby is down on his luck, recently divorced and working a shitty job. The adventure begins when Bobby dials the phone number scribbled inside the book he’s just stolen. Turns out it’s the hot line to the smart aleck, wise-crackin’ OSB–Omnipotent Supreme Being. Bobby of course has a hard time believing and wrapping his head around this.

It’s not long before he encounters two others; one, a sexy nun named Alice, the second, a giant of a man, Lexington Vargas. The one thing they share in common is the book Magnificent Vibration. The three of them are now locked together to find out why God has chosen to speak to them both on the phone and through a book about themselves.

 Every good adventure story has to include death, and the passing of a fisherman on Loch Ness throws another hook into this tale. It seems the Grim Reaper is just getting started as hundreds die in a plane crash and our trio is running scared. 

I didn’t see the ending coming. He pulled it off well. I mean the ending! Not Woody!

-Randy S L