May Book Review: Sean Costello – Squall

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**Don’t confuse this author with the blue’s musician of the same name.

I hadn’t heard of Sean Costello or his novel, Squall, when I came across it in Amazon’s ‘recommendations’. Both the title and cover caught my attention.

Having lived in Alaska for many years, seeing an airplane caught in a winter storm– that’s a story I can connect with. I was thinking ‘winter survival’, but the story wasn’t what I expected. In addition to being surprised in the first chapter, I was hooked right away on the first sentence. I knew this was a tale I was going to enjoy.

The story is both serious and humorous at the same time– a great combination. A nice, family guy, Tom Stokes is living in rural Ontario and heads out in his small plane to repair a remote hunting cabin before a storm sets in.  Meanwhile, a drug deal between rival criminal factions in Toronto has gone awry, and a chase is on. We switch back and forth following the stories and different characters until the inevitable intersection. Although there aren’t any graphic sex or violence scenes, there is the normal amount of everyday cussing – some may say it’s not suitable for children.

The characters that Sean brings to this tale are well developed, easy to visualize and spot-on captivating as the tension builds. Same for the settings, he describes each scene just enough to set the picture and the movie in your mind without dwelling on trivial details.

It’s a well-paced page-turner and a quick read, perfect for a little escape time. He’ll keep you wanting to read ‘just one more chapter.’ This novel turned me into a Sean Costello fan. I’ve gladly bought more of his books. He knows his craft well. Whether you're curling up to read at night, or looking for something to entertain you on the beach this summer, Squall is a book you’ll enjoy.

Squall available in ebook from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and most other ebook distributors. You can also get it, and his other works, direct from his website;